Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shop news

Our Etsy shop: all art is currently made by me (the Scientist) and the running of the shop is helped by my partner. He also gives creative input into some of my designs. I will mainly be running the blog, while he mainly runs Twitter and Facebook. But since we live together and are often on our computers in the same room we both have input into all social media.

If anyone has made their way to this blog via Twitter you have probably already seen that we are having a shop moving sale. Moving already?! But the shop just opened! We're clearly off our rocker. Well, maybe. The preparation for the shop has been going on in the background for about a year. I wasn't even sure at first that I would open a shop, everything started with the intention of being art for my thesis book and relaxation. I thought I should build my skills in linocutting and printmaking before I started selling things. As the quality increased, i decided to make a go at selling, but was too busy finishing up my thesis, defending my thesis, graduating, etc. The PhD has always been my priority.

After graduating and a little holiday with my parents and partner, we decided the best use for my "free time" (unemployment) would be to open the shop. At the same time, I was looking at and applying for post-doctoral positions. I found one that I felt really suited me, and with a group I really liked, and luckily for me the feeling was mutual. It was a bit of a mess after that, but now we are moving from Utrecht, The Netherlands to Birmingham, England. We found a great rental house and all that is left is to pack up and move (which is no small task). So from now until January I will not be making any prints. Since there will be no more new listings in the shop, we thought it best to keep up a social media presence so that when we do get back to updating the shop we won't have lost so much momentum.

The shop will stay open until Christmas, and then we will close it completely until we finish moving and unpacking (hopefully second week of Jan). We'll post updates on this blog and probably Twitter too. From now until the shop closes, enjoy a 20% discount on all items over 5euros. Use code 'MOVE2UK' in the Etsy checkout.

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