Monday, December 23, 2013

Nearing Christmas

Frank Sinatra Christmas is on Spotify, the cat is exhausted and sleeping under some packing paper, I packed Some boxes (ok, 2), and I'm sipping some mulled cider (the non-alcoholic kind). If only I wasn't in Utrecht with the cat and the boyfriend in England with his family. But anyway, is there anything better than Frankie's rendition of "Let It Snow"?? No. There is not. My mom would argue that Bing Crosby is way better, but this isnt her blog. (:

T-minus 1 day until the Etsy shop goes in vacay mode for our move. I'm actually more nervous about this than I was for opening the shop. What if someone wants to buy something and cannot? Well, I hope they check the blog and can wait until January!

For those of you traveling, stay safe and good luck!

Next post will be more science, and maybe, finally, some art!

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